It’s been a long time coming

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Here it is…my first post. But, why have I started writing now?

The reasons are many-fold. I need to improve my WordPress technical skills, I want to share more of my thoughts on what I read and I want to bring some of the things I do together in a single place.

Yep, I need to make myself more WP savvy. Over the past year I started up Australia’s biggest wine offers website, Tastings Sessions, and that’s powered by WordPress. I also worked with a developer to create WordPress plug-ins to track learning and turn WP into a very flexible, quite social Learning Management System (LMS).

I can see more WP and LCMS projects in the future, so it’s probably time to start getting my fingers dirty and doing more than just looking at other people’s code. I need to start understanding security better, getting to grips with the best ways to integrate external data and learning to optimise WP to get the fastest results. The best way I can think to do this is to make myself need it more, personally, then I’ve got no choice.

Some of you may know me through the Sydney eLearning & Instructional Design group that I started in 2014. That gives me the chance to network with Sydneysiders working on learning and training projects. It also gives me lots of food for thought and I like to share some of those thoughts. I enjoy looking at academic research on learning and debunking some of the faddish trends that we see. Here’s my hobbyhorse to ride as I shout ‘sham’ from the rooftops.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are another area of interest, particularly how they apply to learning and performance…though the occasional game is bound to creep in too. As I find it takes me ages to find some of the simplest things, I’ll do my best to save other people time and share things here.

Finally, there’s the world of wine. Yes, I know it doesn’t exactly match with learning, but site is me an my views and it wouldn’t be me without wine. I’ll share occasional bits and bobs here and try to focus on wine education, though the occasional tasting note or bit of geekery is bound to creep in.


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